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Create embroidered patches from digital images

Reproducing digital artwork in embroidery isn't hard if you follow these simple steps. I'll show you how using the fffffatlab text. These and more are available for purchase in the fffffat etsy shop.Materials and tools:fabric on which to embroiderembroidery flossembroidery hoopembroidery needlefabric for backing (optional)sewing machine (optional)if using dark or opaque fabric the following are also needed:paperballpoint penchalk or conti crayon

A peek at Diana Springall's embroidery samplers. Learn how to design your own embroidery with Mastered:

Burden Stitch. It is a middle age stitch and a type of a cushion stitch. It is used to cover large areas in an embroidery piece and gives a woven effect to the fabric.

My Mom has shown me this stitch like 20 times, but I always forget. So here is a Tutorial: Invisible Seams, The Hidden Stitch