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Tips on Raising Children with a Wide Age Gap

If you look back a few generations ago, you will remember that families consisted of several kids that were spaced about three years apart from one another. However, it seems that these days there is a bit more flexibility when it comes to planning a family. This means that some families may have children that age ages 4, 6 and 7, while another family may have children that are ages 14 and 6. Here are some tips of raising children with a wide age gap.

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The Theory of Loose Parts: Simple materials to enhance play

The Theory of Loose Parts: Using simple materials to enhance play


Games to Improve Your Child’s Memory

Memory is a crucial aspect of any child’s life. Some kids have a tougher time with memory than others. One child may remember to brush their teeth every night without being reminded, while another child may need nightly reminders. The good news for parents is that there are some games that will help with memory improvement. Here are some games to improve your child’s memory.


Tips on Getting a Child to Eat

Some children are very fussy eaters. They can really try our patience at times. Learn tips of getting a child to eat and plan some strategies of your own so your child will eat when meals are served.