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Wait I know that name... was he an advocate for education? Or something in my US history class..

Tom forgot the blocking of the scene, and of course that's Robert staying in character, telling him, 'You're supposed to move now, so that I can sit on the bed.'"

"Dude if I ever date someone we're gonna have sing offs, go on dumbass adventures, and have Netflix marathons. "

A tiny house on a working dude ranch in Nevada

"Me: *Tries to give up on crush* Crush: *Does something awesome* Me: Damnit, dude!"

if you're my friend, it's more likely to be ho, bitch, babe, nerd, weirdo, idiot, sexy, beautiful, child, dear, love, etc...but if I don't know you I guess I'd be forced to use the ones on the post 😅😅 but I prob. wouldn't be talking to someone I don't know that well anyway. also I refuse to use mate. just no. ew. animals engaging in coitus is the only acceptable use for the word mate.