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Celeste Johnson on

Truth one person can please's a fact! There will always be one, if not many, who will hate you, talk shit on you, be jealous, try to bring you down, etc. Sooo fuck em! Do what makes you won't ever please everyone!

To ALL the "Flying Monkeys" who like to "discuss" DAD but have never met him and have NO CLUE to what Dad has been through and Dad has done trying to do the RIGHT things AS A PARENT. Dad has been alienated (& bad-mouthed). Children need parents to parent.

I don't think perfect people are able to be inspirations. How can we aspire to perfection? How can we be inspired by someone who's never been challenged, broken or let and found their way into the light again. Naive perfection, truly knows naught of life.

This was drilled into my head as a kid. I feared anything I did would make the paper. Imagine today with camera phones and the Internet!!! ::shudder:: I have been telling this to my daughter for a long time!!! Hope it sticks!! all-so-true-real-life-for-me