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Ethereal Floral Tattoos Mimic Delicate Watercolor Paintings on Skin

Aro Tattoo, aka @tattooist_silo, creates exquisite works of art onto the skin of her clients. Focusing on floral arrangements, the Korean tattooist uses soft pink, red, and blue ink to mimic the colors you’d find in a beautiful sunset. They offer an alternative stylistic approach to tattooing—rather than outlining subjects in a solid dark outline, Aro Tattoo completely skips the black ink and defines form with color. These pieces have the feeling of a delicate watercolor painting as hues…

Another great tattoo made after our bear illustration! Inked by @inktotalart If you tattooed or got tattooed some of our designs, please send us pictures, we love seeing those! #yeaaah #yeaaahstudio #tattoo #beartattoo

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