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Hittite, bronze ceremonial symbol, Alacahöyük 2200-2000 BC, Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, Ankara *This would be a cool gift to give someone with a liking for deer and a bunch of jewelry. Weird that this thought came to my mind but that's why I picked this picture*

wood-block print by hiroshi yoshida (1876-1950), Japan.

Pazyryk culture, Terminal: Stag on a Ball, 5th century BC

Osain - Orisha of the forest, he owns the Omiero, a holy liquid consisting of many herbs, the liquid through which all saints and ceremonies have to proceed. Osain is the keeper and guardian of the herbs, and is a natural healer. He sometimes appears as a beautiful wood sprite when in female form.

[Bookplate of Geo. Hartley] by Pratt Libraries, via Flickr