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Kotori: Sh-Shidou?! 0//0 | Me: Accept me for watching anime, most people find that weird, is that weird? | Shidou: ... | Me: I also talk to the fictional characters while watching anime, can you accept that?......I'm talking to myself again aren't I.. *laughs and cries hysterically*

Date A live Kurumi | Kurumi Tokisaki Date A Live Cute by Ratiasu Latias #1363030 | i.ntere ...

Touka (Date A Live) and Tohka (Tokyo Ghoul)

Tohka Yatogami, Date A Live

Kurumi【Date A Live】

Yoshino render - Date a live

Date-A-Live.Tohka-Yatogami-Android-wallpaper.1440x1280-3.jpg (1440×1280)

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