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A blog inspired by Pete Wentz quote. “Here's to the kids. The kids who would rather spend their night with a bottle of coke & Patrick or Sonny playing on their headphones than go to some vomit-stained...

Serving others can begin at almost any age. Often the greatest service to others is one-on-one. It need not be on a grand scale, and it is noblest within the family. -James E Faust GC Apr 2000 Womanhood, the highest place of honor

I can only cut with lefty scissors. I think Nacho Libre is funny. I'm obsessed with Abraham Lincoln and the Maryland flag. I put my hands in a dead guy's mouth once. I'm 23 and filled with grace.

Hello beautiful and welcome to my blog!! My name is Kimberly, just call me Kim. Born on April My blog is a collection of everything I love and enjoy doing. I really love my familly, my BFF and my TUMBLR ♥ Message me everything you think about me....

driftwood tassel wall hanging and driftwood shell hanging in Casey Wiegand's house

“The teacher’s desire is to so feed her students and whet their apetities that they will naturally value books and come to feed themselves… we, like Charlotte Mason, wish to have children take their places in...


~ There are many things which can not be expressed by words. There are many words which can not be spelled by human tongue. There are many tongues which utter one single truth." Toba Beta ~ 'My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut.' ~