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allybrooke: Dear music, Thanks for filling my spirit with bountiful joy Love, Ally

{fc: kim seokjin // jin // eomma // HUNGRY 300% OF THE TIME} [angel, bC FACE, LOOK] [THE ANGEL WHO WILL SAVE IDIOTS] Ethan is his name, and he is the angel of well..saving people from being idiots. That is all we have from him now, and that he can get annoyed quite easily

“ He gave up his career, his biggest and childhood dream just for the chance to be with her. No one has ever loved anyone as much as Austin Moon loves Ally Dawson. ”

no joke my parents are just like "lauren we are going to see someold friends they have chilren your age make a good impression, look nice "so im just like bvb shirt ptv shirt miw shirt and all that shit lol