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Dhaka, Bangladesh: overloaded and overcrowded.

A bit overloaded. This one belongs to the river now. Check out "A Journey Through Lada-stan", the full photo-essay: michaelfuller.ca/a-journey-through-lada-stan/ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Come explore the world's cultural and geographic landscapes! My adventures across this globe continually reaffirm that our world and its people are amazing. I've shared stories in photo-filled 'Experiences' since 2006, and now I'm also sharing lessons to equip…

The road that leads from the Möbius strip — a common-sense-defying continuous loop with only one side and one edge, made famous by the illustrations of M.C. Escher — goes to some of the strangest spots imaginable. It takes us to where the purely intellectual enters our world: where our senses, overloaded with grocery bills, the price of gas, and what to eat for lunch, are expected to absorb really bizarre ideas. And no better guide to this weird universe exists than the brilliant thinker…

Our world is ONE WORLD ... everything we be and do has an effect on it! Our water travels the globe (if allowed) and collects whatever we put in it...we have overloaded and blocked, abused those systems and now must help to give our Earth a chance!! The water units do that with a 20 year guarantee, set and forget while they gift the water we use daily with a 'run down a stream' from the mains to the house! Unseen, no maintenance, just enlivening all your water!

The year is 3017 and our world is dying. All humans are being transported to the different rocket stations around the world that will take them to the new planet scientists have discovered. There are some that get to ride in style, the healthy ones. Your character, however, is stuck out here where the physically weak are riding. It's a long ride to the rocket station in New Mexico, is your character alone on the ride or do they have a family? (This is a new idea I'm throwing around. Please…

A packtrain of llamas carrying brush marches past an inactive volcano. If overloaded or annoyed, llamas will bite, spit, and refuse to move. (From “National Geographic Picture Atlas of Our World”)

Our tapa version of this pizza includes Spanish chorizo sausage and Serrano ham, which gives it a distinctly Spanish flavor.

Introducing our shenanigans of healthy smoothies with an overloaded sneak peek! Many more to come soon! Say hello to the world of Slurp Slurp, shall we!!

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