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"Try harder - we three are definitely not émused!!"  (It is actually titled 'Still Checking' by wildlife artist Dominique Salm)

Disapproving Ostriches ---> laughing way to hard at this. From now on, every time I see someone look at me like that, I will see the ostriches. And I will smile. No, I will laugh!

The best memes, tweets and jokes about Donald Trump's presidential inauguration and the beginning of his presidency.: Meanwhile at Mt. Rushmore

Take a look back at the crazy year in politics with the most memorable memes skewering Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and others.


I see disapproving ostriches here. and funny enough, they kind of remind me of my gramma!

Too funny - moments of #laughter

Laughing Seal - His buddy must have really cracked a good joke. This white seal was just loving it!

Awwww, I love primates!

Most people have heard of Koko, the gorilla who could speak. What most people don’t know, however, is that Koko was an avid Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood fan. When Fred Rogers took a trip out to meet Koko for his show, not only did she immediately wrap her

...look at this cute little nut.

I love how composed this baby sea lion is, just contentedly sitting there (mostly) covered with sand. "Galapagos Sea Lion" by Ink Light

L'ornithorynque est un animal semi-aquatique à l'apparence étrange, faisant partie de la classe des mammifères bien qu'il ponde des œufs : c'est un mammifère ovipare, autrement dit un monotrème.

Duckbill Platypus---the duck-billed platypus is a semiaquatic egg-laying mammal endemic to eastern Australia, including Tasmania.

"Good afternoon. We're gonna have a great jump today. Okay, first crank a hard cutback as you hit the wall. There's a screaming bottom curve, so watch out. Remember: rip it, roll it, and punch it."   - Squirt, Finding Nemo

'I'm free!' Baby turtle's delight as he's released into the ocean for the first time. The expression on the face of this baby turtle seems to say it all.

Tiger resting on a Buddha head.

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Funny pictures about A tiger resting on Buddha's head. Oh, and cool pics about A tiger resting on Buddha's head. Also, A tiger resting on Buddha's head.