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ME DURING THAT WHOLE SCENE<<<<< I actually very calm and nice until he texted her and git mad at Sherlock that's when I said nope

~ goodbye my little duck~ First post of my new theme - prim

You hear that? It's the sound of my heart shattering. Try not to step on any of the pieces, please.

Self Version 4.0 (2017) - time for an upgrade!

I'm crying...rouge one is so good!! {Jyn and Cassian} Spoiler sorry

Captain Cassian Andor

I love how they interrupt that like a kind of nod to the audience knowing that there's going to be THAT LINE in the movies

"When does the actual living start? I'm so sick of just getting by. I feel like I'm being thrown through life from one pending disaster to another. "

I remember seeing this in a behind the scenes videos: Daniel then quickly grabs it out of Emma's hands and replaces after she breaks it. :) It's quite funny. :D