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25 Cute Sister Quotes You Will Definitely Love - I am tje big sister,must show this to my siblings!

My brother is my best friend, he is continuously inspiring me to do the best I can do in all situations.

This is SO, SO true! Life just wouldn't be the same without my amazing brother & sisters.


To my bigger brother :) yeah you look and tough but your the nicest brother in the world plus you'll kick any guys ass if they hurt me ;) you protect me

Yep! I love my brothers with all my <3. We have had our ups and downs and may not be as close as we should be but I will ALWAYS be here for you, as you will be for me and I will love you no matter what!! Love you Donny and Chris

Brother and Sister Quotes Siblings . Yeah, don't really have this with any of my siblings, well maybe one, and he's a step. Still a nice thought

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I don't have any biological sisters, but I have so many best friend sisters. If you're reading this, I love you!