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#Squalane is a natural hydrocarbon and triterpene derived from a variety of plant and animal sources is a #perfect addition to any natural skin care regimen. It is a natural lubricant and skin barrier that helps protect the skin and prevent #moisture loss.

(NO surfactants, silicon, paraben, alchol denat, mineral oil, artificial coloring, animal source ingredients, benzopenon, triethanolamine, sulfate) 1.The Therapy Tonic Treatment: It contains Toner and Treatment together. 2.The Therapy anti-aging serum: Oil serum penetrates to deeper skin layer and helps anti-aging. 3. The Therapy Lotion: Daily moisturizer for anti-aging without stickiness. 4. The Therapy anti-aging Cream: Provides deep moisture and anti-aging.

Anti-aging is 100% Natural. Squalane is a natural hydrocarbon and triterpene derived from a variety of plant and animal sources. It is a component of human sebum. Squalane is a saturated analog of squalene, from which it can also be produced by hydrogenation. The chemically inert nature of squalane makes it useful in cosmetic applications, where it is used as an emollient and moisturizer.

Since our bodies don’t have a natural relationship to dairy or cow’s milk- and it will take our beauty DOWN.

Urban Homesteading- The 10 Elements: Grow your own food, Use alternative energy sources, keep farm animals for manure & food, practice waste reduction, use alternative transportation, live simply, collect rainwater, work at home, be a good neighbor, do it yourself #droz #diet #weightloss #loseweight #burnfat #loseweightfast #GarciniaCambogia

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The Beauty Detox Solution by @Kimberly Snyder is a fantastic read with tons of healthy tips to get a great start to the new year. I LOVE this book!

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They Are Biocides, Not Pesticides -- And They Are Creating an Ecocide

SDG Ayurvedic Moisturizer by Vedic Clinical based on an ancient Ayurvedic formula.Vegan, ayurvedic botanicals, peptides, plant based fatty acids. Made in USA.