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البعض يريد منك و لا يريدك و البعض يريدك انت لايريد منك - اشخاص يحبونك وقت الفراغ و اشخاص يتفرغون لمحبتك ! -- Somepeople want things from you but not wanting you, & others want you only. Some others care for you -only in their spare time-, & others give their time for you -- that's the difference.

كما هو الحال اﻵن تماااااما !! :(

م■■■■الاخرون يرونك حسب انطباعهم■■■■م


I know he loves me yet he doesn't understand me..... I know he worries about me yet he doesn't protect me.... I know he misses me yet he doesn't search for me...I know i am one of his things yet i am not the most important...

مرهق جدا وجدا ..

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