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(((Astor Gravelle))) on

Da Queen of Derp.

***FUCKTARD ALERT***This woman obviously does not know what a rape kit actually is. This is vile. And they just keep talking...

The Girl Scouts of America is a “wicked organization” because they do not promote “godly womanhood,” and so, in the eyes of right wing pastor Kevin Swanson, the organization is a hotbed of lesbianism, abortions… heck, even communism! -

New North Carolina Bill Threatens To Tax Parents If Their College Student Votes | Addicting Info

"The right does not want poor people to vote. Today on Hannity, Boortz claimed that our votes should be weighted according to our income. He claimed "leeches" should not be allowed to vote." WTF. Biddy Craft (What century are we living in????)

The "Reverend" Fred Phelps and The Westboro Baptist Church.