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Not for me! But someone I know actually boots people out at the exact party end time! Tacky.... but this is hilarious.

uh hOw bout nO, jungkook istg you better not leave

It terrifies me.

Grim reaper.

Rook stared at the tombstone from afar as Willow finally walked away. He was more than aware of the time, so he didn't need to glance at his phone to see it. It was 4:40AM. Once he could feel her heavy presence leave the area, he approached the grave himself. "Live on without burden, man. I hope it's peaceful where you are. But who knows, we might actually meet: after all, angels get breaks too, and when they do, they come here." With the flick of his wrist, Rook conjured up black roses…

I was literally thinking exactly this. He could bake stuff for them too.

Progressive males are not men? So you're trying to tell people that only men who are pieces of shit towards women are men.

Me writing: "Her long, deep hair danced in the commanding wind that guided her strand's choreography." Me talking to my friend: bich u fokin wot m8