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Well actually they are not polite, LKS and KJK and SJH will fight to either rip the name tag of or to protect their name tag. They bite or hit each other. Real savages . RM

actually i'm too sad to pin his picture, but i really want to say that i as exo fans since their debut, disappointed to him because he wanted to out from exo. Exo always said "Saranghaja" or "We're one" but he makes that slogans mean nothing. i hope Kris, Wu Yi Fan, Galaxy Oppa just apologize to fans, SM, and other Exo members so everything will be alright like before.

Tao Nunchuck Level I loved this episode, Tao looked so cool and sexy showing off his wushu skills~~~

The day my faves, Xiumin & Lu Han (EXO) picked each other as "the most handsome member". (.gif set).

Sehun....his shirt says "diamond life" and I immediately thought of other kpop group, Seventeen