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Stop the wars #EXO #BTS. I love both very much<--yes yes yes yes <--- I won't lie, I do get salty with exols sometimes, but not all exols ate obnoxious, and not all armys are either. Let's all support each other!

Well actually they are not polite, LKS and KJK and SJH will fight to either rip the name tag of or to protect their name tag. They bite or hit each other. Real savages . RM

Tao Nunchuck Level I loved this episode, Tao looked so cool and sexy showing off his wushu skills~~~

Chen and Suho <3 you gotta love how they tease each other so much in exo but when someone else does they're like scuse me?

OMG they were really happy to interact with their fans and laugh with them that made xiumin hugs lay expressing his happiness...... love exo even much more now!!