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What are Pocket Letters? What are Pocket Letter Pals™? This is the PERFECT RESOURCE to share with your friends who have questions about this new way of sending penpal letters. It includes an explanation behind my idea, what Pocket Letters are, how to start, videos, and FAQs. #pocketletters #pocketletterpals


Letters from camp, letters from home

Letters from camp, letters from home My daughter left for camp last weekend: four weeks out of the city with a group of friends she loves. The last thing I said before we dropped her off was to ask if she’d be writing any letters; from the look she gave me, I knew not to expect very much. She, after all, is a digital child: 15...

In an age of near-instant communication, the deliberate pace of the handwritten letter has numerous benefits for the reader and the writer. So pick up that pen!

<p>ANTARCTICA A post office is the most visited sight on Antarctica. But the worlds most southern post office is not like your average postal service. There is nearly 3000 gentoo penguins nesting outside the walls of the Port Lockroy Post Office, which has given the place its nickname The Penguin …</p>

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Why You Should Write Love Letters

Despite the awkwardness around the idea of it, I'm a firm believer in the power of a love letter. I've written quite a few. Some private, some public. I've written some for my mother, some for my father, my friends, and, of course, my love.