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Deadly Microbe Linked To Demise Of Ancient Empire

Famous Men of the Middle Ages free on Librovox! Attila the Hun Clovis Justinian the Great Mohammed Charles Martel and Pepin Charlemagne Rollo the Viking Alfred the Great The Cid Edward the Confessor William the Conqueror +others

The Black Death -This copper engraving by Pierre Mignard depicts the Bubonic Plague epidemic.

Meister von San Vitale in Ravenna - History of Christianity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Dark Ages (2007) Beginning with Rome's fall in the fifth century, this presentation sheds light on the Dark Ages, covering the continent-wide chaos, including raids by Vikings, Vandals and Visigoths, bubonic plague, famine, civil unrest and more. Takes viewers from the darkest of times to the dawn of a new beginning as the turmoil besieging Europe gives rise to the Crusades, the Enlightenment and the Renaissance. Philip Daileader, Kelly DeVries, Bonnie Effros...TS doc