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Confused parrot freaks out at own reflection - Video

Confused parrot freaks out at own reflection - Video

Red Bellied Woodpecker.  When seen at my feeder the bird was so fluffed up, I had a hard time finding it in a bird book!!

What to Feed Birds in the Winter - Best Foods

Himalayan Black-Lored Tit, Paridae family: active insectivores and cavity-nesters. (Swethadri Doraiswamy)

Himalayan Black-Lored Tits are active insecti-vores and cavity-nesters. (Swethadri Doraiswamy) Lauren B Montana

Azulejo sobre Bayas rojas                                                                                                                                                     Más

27 + Beautiful and Colorful Bird Types from Around the World that You Should Know

My dad has these flying around their property all the time. Bluebird on red berries

Rainbow -female- mate none, crush none, kind, snapy, funny, wishes to be a leader or deputy, loves other friends, loyal, strong, Played by: Nightcore -battler-

What Is Your Life Motto?

turaco [previously pinned to my more generic bird board by Barbara Hughes; thanks, Barbara!] | 28 Dazzling Exotic Birds You Probably Never Heard Of

Livingstone's Turaco - Turacos make up the bird family Musophagidae. And that hair is beautiful :)

token#2...provision...(nice vision)... so vivid and gorgeous

Brilliant Colors Of The Toucans

Perruche- Parakeet - budgie                                                                                                                                                     More

How to Train Your Pet Budgie

Perruche- Parakeet - budgie [ "How to Train Your Pet Budgie - Bird Cages Now", "Pretty Little Parakeet (Baby Twinkie)", "Own, train, and befriend a bud

#Hummingbirds are among the smallest of birds, measuring about 7.5–13 cm from bill to tail. #BirdFact


bellanes-in-archeld: “ should-be-sleeping: “ earthlynation: “ Male Anna’s Hummingbird. Photo by Thy Bun ” Who is Anna and how does she get all these hummingbirds to herself?