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Τα πιο «καυτά» μέρη του πλανήτη: Διαδραστικός χάρτης δείχνει τα πιο φωτογραφημένα μέρη [ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ]

Tiger 1 Tank - Panzer Crocheted Slippers

Tiger 1 Panzer Tank Crocheted Slippers by miligurumis on Etsy. I would learn how to crochet just to make these.

34 insanely detailed maps of the world

A color-coded map of the world’s most and least emotional countries

Max Fisher for the Washington Post mapped country emotion ratings, based on the results of a recent Gallup study. Singapore was ranked least emotional, whereas the Philippines was ranked most emotional. The United States was also relatively high.

VACATION SAFETY TIP ~ Write your mobile phone number in washable felt tip on your children's arms whenever visiting a busy public place (such as a theme park, outdoor market or festival) which will help you be reunited much more quickly.

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