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Higher brain connectivity behind intelligence creativity LONDON : People with higher connectivity between different parts of the brain are more intelligent and creative scientists who are defining and measuring human intelligence for the first time have found. Led by Professor Jianfeng Feng of University of Warwick in the UK researchers are trying to quantify the brain's dynamic functions and identify how different parts of the brain interact with each other at different times - to discover…

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Natural Ways to Treat Headaches

A newly married British couple have spoken out about their distress following a disastrous wedding reception that saw guests sending back raw and frozen food and staff blaming the couple for opting for a “cheap wedding”. #NightmareWeddingReception

Best Home Remedies for Headaches - What causes headaches and migraines? 10 ways to cure headache pain naturally with items from your home and pantry.

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A headache is one the body's most powerful alarm signals.It is often a sign of physical or psychological overload.There are many different types of headaches, and each is different according to how