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William Tollefson Values Blog: Negative Thinking is Common with Survivors Are you troubled by negative thoughts? Do negative thoughts enter and consume your mind often? If you are a survivor then here is two possible routes they may get in.

Ever question your memory? "Is what I remember the truth? Did I make it up? Is my memory a false memory?" Here is a test on how to check your memory for truth. Knowing your memories are real is a very important issue for survivors of abuse, combat or trauma with PTSD. William Tollefson Values Blog: Test for Truth in Memory

PTSD I usually cry right away and my knees shake and my chest hurts . It takes days to come out of the fog . It also makes it more likely that smaller things will also trigger me .

5 Tips on Fixing Negative Beliefs Negative core beliefs can govern how you react to situations.

William Tollefson Values Blog: 7 Suggestions to Reduce the Aftereffects of Witnessing Trauma. Learn about Secondary Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

William Tollefson Values Blog: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder & Thought Addiction: an unusual relationship.

A flashback is a gift that pinpoints the space and time where wound created and it's opening is an announcement that a time for healing is present. #SelfHelp #PTSDtreatment

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5 Tips on How to Hack Your Mind for Powerful Results Negative thinking are constant and prevalent.Change can be achieved by hacking into your own mind. 4 tips on how to hack into your mind.