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1977 Charlie's Angels Trading Cards, Sticker & Bubble Gum. My husband called me his Kate Jackson. The resemblance was amazing; walking down the street, I couldn't avoid the stares...unreal!

1977 Charlie's Angels Trading Cards, Sticker Bubble Gum ~ omgosh, I had these!

Cool Stuff We Like Here @ CoolPile.com ------- << Original Comment >> ------- The Batman

1966 Topps Batman "Black Bat" series trading cards, card The Batman. All artwork in this card series is the product of the late Norman Saunders-

Topps Star Wars Trading Cards (1977)

Star Wars Trading Cards I liked the smell of the hard stick of bubblegum that came in the package. when your cards were new, they smelled just like the gum.

Impel’s Second Series of Marvel Trading Cards (1991) - Art Adams

“Art Adams made a number of fantastic contributions to Impel’s second series of Marvel trading cards in These pieces are a great trip back in time to a period when the name Art Adams was.

Star Wars trading cards. Catered to that crucial demographic of kids who were too nerdy to care about baseball cards but still wanted to obsessively collect things.

Topps Star Wars Trading Cards - Series 1 - 1977 (I think I have this one in storage)