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There are plenty of reasons for me to stay away from sushi:

I really don't understand meal plans. I mean, conceptually, I get it. When you're starting a new eating plan, an expert tells you exactly what to eat and when to make it a little easier. But practically speaking, it makes no sense to me. What if I don't want to eat salmon on Monday? However, I understand the desire to have a more concrete plan than 'eat clean food,' especially for someone new to paleo or tackling a Whole30® for the first time. So this post is a description of what I'd do if…

Homemade Paleo olive oil or avocado oil mayo

Ranch Dressing The iconic dressing—creamy, tangy, seasoned with herbs—was invented by Steve Henson while he worked as a plumbing contractor in rural Alaska. Whe...

I feel kinda funny calling this a recipe because it's so dead easy. But I've made it three times, and every time, Dave exclaims about how delicious it is. Seems worth sharing. The first time I made it, we'd just returned from Prague, along with the head colds we picked up on the airplane. I really wanted soup, but thought I didn't have anything in the house to make some. I walked out of the kitchen forlornly, and Dave said, 'I bet you'll think of something.' A few minutes later, I was back…


Whole30: Week 2 Food Plan | Mel Joulwan : Well Fed

In this flavorful stew, the cinnamon and herbs create a mellow, earthy gravy that’s a foil for the bright, tart taste of the orange gremolata on top. It’s sophisticated comfort food.Cinnamon Beef Stew with Orange Gremolata Prep 30 min | Cook about 90 minutes | Serves 6-10 | Whole30 compliant