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Illustrating how exponential growth can happen…a

How to Survive a Zombie Attack (understanding exponential growth and decay). - Algebra for All

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Super Linear Equations

This worksheet is intended for use after students have learned the basics of writing equations in slope-intercept form.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Writing Expressions & Equations ~ An Algebra Card Game

Algebraic expressions and equations

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Solving Equations in Algebra 1 (Foldable)

Solving Equations in Algebra 1 (Foldable)-Outside

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Writing Equations in Point Slope Form Coloring Worksheet

This activity provides Algebra students with a fun way to practice or review Point Slope Form around Halloween - or any time of year! Students solve given problems and their answer determines what color they use to fill in the next page. Great for homework, after a test or just a fun break in class! Answer key included.

This free pack includes 16 warm ups, a longer quiz warm up and a quiz all covering function interpretation and analysis. Topics span from identifying domain, range, max, min, vertex, increasing and decreasing and zeros (roots) in nonlinear functions to writing equations in vertex form from the graphs of nonlinear functions.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Algebra 1 Mid-Year (Semester) Test and Study Guide

Algebra I Mid-Year (Semester) Test. Very thorough assessment of first semester algebra content. Also a great tool for review. 62 total questions, including a topic checklist

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Factoring Foldable Notes for Algebra

These foldable notes are great for use in interactive notebooks! Factoring can be difficult for algebra students. Hopefully, these notes will help them by providing structure to the process. The foldable includes notes and examples to "Find the GCF", "Special Cases", "Factor Trinomials", "Factor by Grouping", and "Avoid Common Errors/Issues".

This teacher has a lot of great ideas for Algebra 1 and Algebra 2! Ex: Parabola Match - use this game to help students match equations, vertices, axis of symmetry, and graphs (did this during student teaching and it was fantastic!)