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FOOD IS FUEL - There is a real (and very influential) link between nutrition and performance in sport.

Competitive kite-boarder, Lindsay McClure, is "flying high and soaring with confidence". In the latest ZGiRLS blog, McClure talks about how she deals with the challenging aspects of the sport and what it is like being an athlete in a male-dominated sport. She has big goals for the future for the sport; read about them here!

The best things after an ACL tear, "tend to be colorful, comforting and encouraging". Bianca Perry has been there and done that. In the latest ZGiRLS Blog, Bianca outlines her top 9 favorite things post surgery. Check out her list!

ZGiRLS Summer Camp was officially a huge success! Not only did the young campers learn important lessons from Jilyne and Libby, the two leaders also gained so much from the girls. Check out Libby's blog post:

When motivation is lacking, it is important to step back, set goals, and reflect on what makes you happy in the sport. In the latest ZGiRLS blog, discover how to help motivate your team to train and perform at their best!

A 14 YEAR-OLD’S PERSPECTIVE: THE IMPORTANCE OF FINISHING WHAT YOU START: All your practice, training, workouts, and healthy eating has made you ready for this moment. That feeling in your stomach tells you that you are nervous, excited, and ready to go. You push out of the start and head down the course. Your run lasts 30-45 seconds and in that short period of time you can have the best run of your life or things can just as quickly go the other way.

In the latest ZGiRLS blog, four D1 female athletes share their best ACL advice. They discuss the importance of the mental aspect of healing and how they were able to come back stronger than ever!

ZGiRLS teamed up with the Lindsey Vonn Foundation for the Lindsey Vonn Summer Camp for Girls. The girls got the change to get to know Lindsey, while learning more the importance of positivity and self-confidence. Read the latest ZGIRLS blog post from two girls who attended this camp and what their experience was like.

TWO WORDS ALL ATHLETES SHOULD BAN FOREVER: When I was 16, there was a girl on my club soccer team who (I swear) had a special power to send the ball into the back of the net every time she hit it. She was the top scorer on our team and I was green with envy. One day, I went up to my coach in frustration and complained, "I just wish I could kick like Kerry*."