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I feel like everyones so focused on Amy and Eleven or Amy and Rory, that they forget that the Doctor and Rory were also best friends, and you know what breaks my heart, he never got to say goodbye.

This is why Rory is SO AMAZING!!! Rory you are SO cool for crying when holding your baby. Cool beyond belief.

"You don't even have to ship Captain Jack and everyone. You just have to wait thirty seconds." <-- Repinning this purely for that comment

Rory's face is how I feel when people complain about missing their boyfriend who's away for the night lol

Instead of pinning each individual "how to dress like" here are links to each. Includes Amy Pond, River Song, Donna Noble, Rory Williams, Idris, Martha Jones, Rose Tyler, the various doctors, and - my personal favorite - Captain Jack Harkness.