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i like this a lot. i love how the swirls create a depth in the painting. the contrast in colors create a very smooth 3D effect. This is so cool and fun!

Sunset Elephant Art Print

This is an excellent example of contrast because there are different colors on the elephant showing the light and dark. Also in the background there are different shades of yellow and all other colors. It is cool how it show the light and dark colors.


Color Lesson – Brittany Hollis (Trump Models) dons colorful beauty looks in Jeff Tse’s stunning portraits. A rainbow of hues by makeup artist Dominique Samuel and messy tresses give Brittany a striking palette. / Production by Emily Bishop

Sunset landscape original acrylic painting on canvas

Sunset landscape original acrylic painting on canvas: i wanna be able to paint like this but my painting skills arent good and my teacher doesnt take time to show us the proper ways to hold a brush to use it the proper brush ect.