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Patchouli has antibacterial and antifungal properties, so it’s great for feet that spend a lot of time in hot sweaty shoes—where bacteria and fungus like to grow. It also nourishes dry, cracked skin, and is one of the most popular essential oils in natural deodorants. This makes complete sense when we consider its ability to reduce bacteria (which often causes odors). Subscribe to Aromahead's weekly email for more wonderful recipes and tips.

TET (Halloween Kisses x Ima Bigtimer) Sev. EM Re. 6" flowers, 29" scapes, 3 way branching with 26 buds. BURNING FOR YOU has a glowing red o...

Someone explain to me how not everyone in the world has this breed?! Like omgod ima bout to die of cuteness!

Hi everyone!! Oh my gosh thank you so much for 1000+ notes on this post!! eee ima cry. Seriously though, apart from the reposting, editing, and art thief, this has been so awesome and so many new followers c: I dunno what to do with myself

Cute..... But I am in more of Loki's army than PewDiePie's army...(previous pinner) how dare you like Loki better *shun* ima true bro ;D(me)

skyrimconfessions: “As I think back to a year ago, I realize how much Skyrim has changed my life.” Ima...

PIERCE THE VEIL funny - Google Search

I see the Sherlock fandom has arrived <--- We're ALWAYS there even in the deepest shadows of Tumblr


chalkboard contagion....

It has come to my attention (through this board) that I may be in need of a bunny.