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Nikki reacts to hearing Victor telling her to, 'Get out of here', after she had come to see him at the hospital.

It seems as if grandfather and grandson are equally interested in looking at each other! Victor tells Christian that one day he'll take him to see the "city of lights!" Nick asks, "Why Paris?" Victor answers, "It just seems right!" (Victor knows that Adam was very fond of Paris.)

Nikki tells Victor that she shouldn't have to choose between her sons.

Victor tells Nick that he'll try and shield him and Christian from the bad press....however, Sharon might be another story.

Victor tells Nikki that it seems as if she's defending Dylan and is more on his side, than on Nick's.

Victor tells Nick that family is the only thing worthwhile fighting for.

Nick tries to tell Victor to let Victoria make her own decisions; Victor just says that at this stage in his life he won't change and he'll always do whatever it takes to protect his children.

Victor tells Chelsea that he's very happy that she decided to join them for Thanksgiving.