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Nikki reacts to hearing Victor telling her to, 'Get out of here', after she had come to see him at the hospital.

Victor and Nikki get ready to attend the Foundation benefit. Victor tells Nikki that she looks gorgeous!

Jack tells Victor that Hell must be freezing over....because he's accepted Victor's terms!

As Chelsea and Connor get ready to leave, Victor tells her that he misses Adam too.

Victor tells Ashley that he'll do everything he can to make sure that Victoria is able to stay in the space she prefers,..... that being the Jabot Lab.

Victor tells Nikki that he knows how bad she must feel about not being able to share Christmas with Dylan.

Victor tells Nick that Sharon is just pushing his buttons...and it's a trap...and he shouldn't fall for it!

Ashley tells Victor that his 'price' for allowing them the use of Newman Tower for the benefit is too high! She says that Jack will never agree to rescind Brash & Sassy's eviction notice!

Noah tells Abby that Victor thinks he's just going through a phase or something...(as if Noah would consider working at Newman...ever again!)

Faith tells Victor she knows her parents will just start fighting again.