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Everyone has multiple personalities.... Most people go to the ends of the earth to cover theirs up.... Or in some rare cases, save face!

Pretty much or any underdog for that matter, we hate bullies... We protect who we love. #cancer #cancerian

Also works when you are a cheating and lying asshole, who proved her trust and love wrong. Works both ways!!! Don't let anyone tell you why you can't do something. Fucking do it and make them feel stupid for ever doubting you and prove them wrong.

This is Me But you can criticize My Mom All You Want I Don't Care what You Say it might not be True And Might Be it Between Her And God it don't Hurt My Feelings cause I don't really Have That Mouther And Son Nuturing Thing We Just Past and Repast I Tried to have A Relationship With Her But Only cause I'm Trying To Get To Heaven and I Don't Want to Be In The Past!