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You've got your clowns, your trained monkeys, some juggling, a ringmaster, and maybe even a freak or two--it's a circus, all right, but it's YOUR circus and it's definitely worth the price of admission!

from The Lighter Side

Personalized No Soliciting Sign

Did we leave anything out?

Big Girl Panties Deal With It T-Shirt!

Aaaaaaand that sums it up perfectly, folks!

Who Cut the Cheese? Novelty boxers ask the question--but do we really need the answer? $15.98

We'll forgive the Freudian slip, as long as Dad promises to not let anything else "slip!"

Hope you got 'em, cause you're gonna need 'em!

It's All Fun And Games 'til Someone Burns Their Wiener. Sure, the outdoorsy life inspires you, but the real motivation is the refreshment that awaits!

Now THAT'S funny--but don't laugh TOO hard!!