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The whole time I watched Frozen, I thought it was creepy awesome how much they reminded me of each other

Frozen and The Hunger Games parallels.wow anyone who has actually SEEN the Hunger Games knows that is all the two movies have in common. Other than that, the Hunger Games is nothing like Frozen.

Definitely Adorable and Cute

Definitely Adorable and Cute

LOL yes need Harry Potter and My Little Pony crossover!

Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland…mind blown! had no idea Gordon Gordon was in Alice in Wonderland

Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland…

Harry Potter Alice in Wonderland - funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - the hp actors were so awesome Alice in wonderland had to steal

If Harry Potter was made by Disney... - The Meta Picture .. This is Brilliant :)

If Harry Potter was made by Disney…

Harry Potter gone Disney. Ermahgerd whoever did this must have been a hardcore Harry Potter/ Disney fan. And also has a lot of time on their hands! I love the King Triton one lol omg i have seen all disney movies and harrypotter ones! i love this


Can’t believe I never noticed it before…

Star Wars and The Lion King

15 Pop-Culture Realizations That Will Blow Your Mind

So first, Disney turns Hamlet into the Lion King. And then Star Wars turns into Hamlet too. Therefor, Star Wars is the Lion King. MY GOD

Disney’s Laziness...well they did do it all by hand

Disney’s Laziness

Funny pictures about Disney's Laziness. Oh, and cool pics about Disney's Laziness. Also, Disney's Laziness photos.

How to make frozen into narnia

it was the white witch in Narnia, not the snow queen, she only became a "queen" but taking the authority from Aslan. There was NO snow queen in Narnia, it was the white witch.

Because the nerd universe only has 30 actors. Just like BBC. <----- They're so good, though!!!! XD

Because the nerd universe only has 30 actors. Just like BBC. If you didn't know the guy at the top is Karl Urban, the middle is Richard Armitage, and the last one is Hugo Weaving. They've been in all sorts of my favorite movies.