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Old fishermen document declining range of the Indus River dolphin - The Indus River dolphin (Platanista gangetica minor) is an endangered freshwater mammal found only in the Indus River and tributaries draining the Himalayas. Since 1879, the dolphin—locally known as the bhulan—has vanished from 80 percent of its range. | Stalachtis euterpe/metalmark--2 | Riodinidae/Metalmark Family.....Amazon River island near Manaus

What Students’ Discovery of Dead Dolphin Can Teach Us About Ocean Pollution

Endangered Right Whales Return to the East Coast! Here’s How We Plan to Keep Them Safe

Environmentalists are threatening to call a boycott of New Zealand's billion-dollar seafood export industry unless the government boosts efforts to save the world's rarest dolphin, which has dwindled to a population of 50.