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Damming the Amazon: new hydropower projects put river dolphins at risk

Amazon giant river otter (Pteronura brasiliensis)

A giant Amazon river turtle (Podocnemis expansa). Photo by Whaldener Endo.

Expert now says half of Keys dolphins could be at mortal risk with morbillivirus outbreak

Old fishermen document declining range of the Indus River dolphin - The Indus River dolphin (Platanista gangetica minor) is an endangered freshwater mammal found only in the Indus River and tributaries draining the Himalayas. Since 1879, the dolphin—locally known as the bhulan—has vanished from 80 percent of its range.

The Green Aracari (Pteroglossus viridis) is a toucan, a near-passerine bird. It is found in the lowland forests of northeastern South America (the Guiana Shield), in the northeast Amazon Basin, the Guianas & the eastern Orinoco River drainage of Venezuela. At 12"–16" long & weighing 3.9–5.7 oz., it is the smallest aracari in its range, & among the smallest members of the toucan family.

an Amazon river dolphin, inia geoffrensis, swims in the tannin-stained waters of the Ariaú river in Brazil

The Dolphin Color Pink is a typical animal in the Amazon that delights us with her beauty.

As dolphin hearing is so good they can determine the shape of objects and people from echoes, a team of Miami-based researchers decided to capture those echoes and turn them into 3D printable images. The result is a human figure as seen by dolphins.