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Another pinner said, "I have extremely pale skin and I use this foundation I've ever used, it's light, and it matches your skin exactly leaving a flawless model look!"

Cherokee Indians are known to have high cheek bones, and a perfect body frame. Women: high cheek bones, a perfect body frame, a naturally tanned color to the skin, dark eyes, eyes small but lively, beautiful and fierce, hair is coarse yet soft and a dark color, but lighter in the sun/light, <3 this is a description of my heritage appearance

How to Reduce Cholesterol Quickly?

HEALTHY FOOD - "The question that now arises is how to reduce cholesterol quickly? #Bloodcholesterol shows what your #cholesterol levels should be and includes low and high." Foods that help refice cholesterol as substitutes...

ideas to decorate a small bathroom to make it look bigger with high or low contrast

  How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Fabulous With Contrast Partner post to 'The 7 Best Ways to Add Storage to Your Small Bathroom' Unless you are one of