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Evolution of horses. From tiny forest dwelling creatures to large grass eating animals.

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People who say they love animals have Boards with elephants, wolves, horses, chipmunks. etc etc etc...but it is very obvious that the animals they eat are missing from their Boards. Why is that? Because the flesh of these brutalized animals is on their Food Boards?

The eyes of an animal tells you they do feel many of the emotions we do. Once you've really looked into the eyes of an animal, ask yourself if you really want to eat the animal you are looking at, or hurt it in any way.

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I Eat Glitter For Breakfast Horse Tee

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New Jersey Assembly says "neigh" to slaughter or sale of horses for human consumption

"Most animals are fed hay in two daily feedings, morning and evening. However, this schedule is more for the convenience of humans, as most grazing animals on pasture naturally consume fodder in multiple feedings throughout the day. Some animals, especially those being raised for meat, may be given enough hay that they simply are able to eat all day." - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia