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“I have to be prepared at all times to check on my students’ learning. Sometimes I use plastic counters, timers, different apps, or simple observations to monitor student progress during instruction. Data – no matter how I choose to collect it - helps me determine where my students are struggling so I can plan to address the gaps in their learning.” - Mrs. Wilhelm

Free Dolch sight word assessment. Complete with assessment materials, recording forms and progress monitoring charts. Perfect for RtI.

Worth trying... Did you know that placing a red dot in the middle of words can help children see the whole word? Try it for students who just look at the beginning of words and then guess.

How About a Tug of War? Making Thinking Visible

This is a great strategy for increasing engagement in your students and for using higher order thinking skills, whether you teach Kindergarten or grade twelve. Have students pull quotes or arguments from documents to help support reasoning for an argument