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Inspirational & Positive Thoughts, Quotes & Messages - with Images - Angel Quotes, Poems, Sayings

Angel Blessings and Poems with Beautiful Images - Mary Jac - Angel Quotes - Page 1

This quote is telling us that fairies might be invisible to us, but their magic is really powerful in nature around us.

If life becomes too much to bear, remember your ANGELS are always there.

Sue Gerdes, of Flea2Fab says her garden angel is made from a glass bottle on a rod, with Star of David relish dishes for wings.

The Fairy Ring poem- must be why I wake up at 3AM for no reason...time to watch them fly

My apologies to everyone else, my stalker is acting up again and i am setting things straight... Much love and apprecitation to all I work with, speak to, inspire, whom I call home, with so much love.. Thank you.. All of you.. From the heart I am truly touched and I feel the love from every single person. Love will always outshine the hate.. So lets let love shine in each and every one of us :) xxx

from Playbuzz

Which Disney Fairy Are You?

Fairies Basically a fae-tus IS a fairy-baby so if you came from this you R a fairy folk . Yes ~ So what this is suggesting is moral of the story - you must believe in yourself in order to 'survive' faith + trust in greater more magnificent powers that are ...