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from Club Fantasci

Academy Games Announces Fief – France 1429 on Kickstarter

Recently I bought FIef: France 1429 without really checking what the game was like, something I sometimes do and I've had a few "misses" and a few "hits" this way but Fief is out of category. Fief is a pseude-historic game where you try to gain power in 14-15th century France by gaining most titles. The game is full of intriges, backstabbing, waging wars upon other families and other devious actions. I ADORE this game and I would recommend it to every player who likes this kind of games!

from Popular Mechanics

The 45 Best New Board Games

If you're not the type of person who wants to spend two tense hours constantly at your friends' throats, periodically stealing away from the board to make secret pacts and plan elaborate back-stabs, then stay away from this game. Equal parts A Game of Thrones: The Board Game and Diplomacy, Fief: France 1429 actually requires more intrigue and deal-making than actual strategy. As you're bitterly balancing the act of building armies, contesting for territories in 15th century France, and…