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5thC Byzantine ring
Byzantine ring 7th c. AD, green glass and silver
Anglo Saxon ring with ancient Roman intaglio.  8th century.
#ROMAN #GOLD #RING WITH CUPID (OR EROS)        DATE:  3rd Century AD  CULTURE:  Roman  CATEGORY:  Jewelry  MEDIUM:  Gold
A Roman green jasper intaglio ring  Circa 1st-2nd Century A.D. The oval stone carved with a profile head of a man wearing a fillet, set in an ancient gold ring.
Late Byzantine gold and amethyst ring. Ca. 800 A.D. The oblong cut pyramid shaped amethyst could be a later replacement. Width of the band:8 mm
Reliquary Pendant with the Adoration of the Magi. Byzantine 10th–11th century. Silver, gold, niello. The hinged loop at the top would have been for suspension, so that the locket could have been worn or held. The locket contains a cavity, closed by a sliding pin, that probably contained relics.
Locket ring of Queen Elizabeth I. (gold with enamel, rubies, diamonds & mother-of-pearl). The top portrait is likely of her mother, Ann Boleyn, the other is a profile of Elizabeth herself.
This powerful Byzantine medieval gold ring is featuring an ancient symbol of good luck - the quatrefoil.    Circa 10th - 11th century.    The ring is set with a cabochon black onyx in an openwork quatrefoil-shaped bezel.