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Illustrations. Fig. 430. Gray, Henry. 1918. Anatomy of the Human Body.

the body | Song Scoops: We Are the Body of Christ – David B. Hampton and Scott ...

Forward Tipped Pelvis Muscle Imbalance. By far the most common postural dysfunction we see, a forward tipped pelvis is extremely common among office workers, truck drivers and others who spend a large portion of each day sitting. A forward tipped pelvis is also the most common cause of lower back muscle pain. Tight muscles: Lumbar Hip flexors Quadriceps Weak muscles: Abdominal Gluteal Hamstrings

Hierapolis antique theatre. (Antik Tiyatro. Pamukkale - Denizli)

O Rossio anterior ao terramoto de 1755, com o célebre chafariz. Em Lisboa…

When something gets compromised, the Circle of Willis was designed to compensate. :)