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Please save beautiful BROWN. From death today at the ACC shelter in New York City URGENT visit pets on death row on Facebook. He will die today Easter Sunday.volunteers can transport out of state..Please save...

So so true…well it is in my house anyway!

Adorable Kitten , looks just like my Miss Callie Cat!

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17 Adorably Nonsensical Things That Make Zero Sense, And Therefore Are Perfect

4. The fact that you are now aware that one can purchase this 93-inch teddy bear at Costco.

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Beautiful. … More

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13 Examples Of Taxidermy Gone Terribly Wrong

PLEASE READ SO YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!! my cat ( lizzy this is not lizzy but she looks close to this) always comes into my bed then stares at the stars. could this mean something? i think it does i think she was part of a clan in the forest. i also have EVEN more evidence that Erin hunters stories are true,i saw a whole neighborhood being built where there was once a forest and ya know how they had to leave? because of the twolegs( humans) took over? starclan is real!!!

Black Cat ~ Gorgeous Green Eyes

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A Mother's Love - Photos & Quotes

Yes animals have souls and YES Momma animals love their babies. Many animals take better care of their babies than humans do. I'm proud that my husband, who does hunt, refuses to kill a doe who has her babies still with her.