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This is very, very true. There are certain people who are not meant to be in our lives, doesn't mean we hate them, or hold a grudge- just means we are free from the toxicity of that relationship.

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welcome to my blog, here I share with you my fantasies, thoughts, interests and give you a peak into the world that is my mind. I am 22 years old, male, and single if that means anything to you. Feel...

Winning!!!! Love how some people try to make it look like they were cheated on... Ummm.. No bitch you fucked half the world while he was working to give you the stupid shit you wanted. You lose, I treat him like a real woman should. You would think after two years you would move on. I am not liking, that I have clean your "trailer trash " shit up! Now bitch let us be happy and have the life you will never have. ❤️kisses to the bitch that hates me