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People tell me what's more important than your major or classes. Obviously my health overall is more important. I dread school.<<<this shouldn't have to happen. Why is this happening? No kid deserves this, I know exactly how they feel and I don't want anyone else to go through this too, this is a real problem

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SOOOOOO TRUE!!!!! Nothing on pinterest has ever so accurately described my thoughts.

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Daily motivation

LoL. Yoga. So true :)

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19 Of The Most Badass Things That Have Ever Happened

When this badass woman spoke the truth.

Sad part is so many pathetic 'women', females I should say, lie! They lie because they can't get their way, so the women who truly suffer don't get a say.

Now it all makes perfect sence! NEPTUNE in SCORPIO; VENUS & MARS in CANCER in the 8th HOUSE OF SCORPIO. Yup thats me

The most important things are the hardest to say because words diminish their meaning.- Stephen King

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13 Charts That Are Way Too Real For Bisexual Women

None of this “half and half” business: | 13 Charts That Are Way Too Real For Bisexual Women - BuzzFeed News

~they may not understand at the time but they will eventually get it~*~Radiate the Love of Jesus to All~*~ ;)