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This has appeared on tumbler. I totally identify with the speaking in class dependent upon your grade problem.<<< school is very faulty as of now. We can only hope that it improves because we'll have major issues in the future if it doesn't

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can i staple this to my forehead<<Dear stranger, that isn't good for your health, and would hurt. I wouldn't recommend that << Pinning mainly because of the comments ( yeah the post itself was awesome and all but this comment.. I think you got the point)

In the first season of Glee, I’m assuming most of them were either freshman or at most, sophomores. In real life, these are the approx. ages of the actors/actresses in the FIRST SEASON: Kurt was 18, Artie was 21, Quinn, Tina, Mercedes and Rachel were 23 and Finn and Puck were 27.