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Albert Cuyp Straat // Albert Cuyp Street Market M-F 9:30-5:00 pm in de Pijp, Oud-Zuid (I highly recommend as it's been prevalent to the Dutch since 1904)
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City of Amsterdam Identity / Edenspiekermann with Thonik design bureau. The Amsterdam style was awarded the Dutch House Style Award in 2003.
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Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam - The Dutch Resistance Museum, (focus on all Dutch people during WWII). My favorite museum in Amsterdam.
The Dutch capital has so much to offer, you only need to pick. You get the full package, historical sites, funny places, busy streets, impressive art scene and of course good food.
1. Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam’s name derives from Amstelredamme, indicative of the city’s origin around a dam in the river Amstel. Originating as a small fishing village in the late 12th century, Amsterdam became one of the most important ports in the world during the Dutch Golden Age (17th century), a result of its innovative developments in …
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Amsterdam's tulip festival is one of the largest flower displays in the world. It's a fantastic event held the Netherlands each year. The dates for 2016 ...
Whilst in the Netherlands we managed to drive to the beautiful grounds of De Haar castle near Utrecht, which is not too far away from Amsterdam so this makes the place an excellent day trip away from the Dutch capital. This castle is one of the modern ones we have come across in Europe, recently built in 1892 and on the site of the original castle which fell into ruins and has stood there since the 14th century.