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During his time as a visiting professor in New York, Josef Frank designed two map patterns, of which one received the name Dixieland, a nickname for the American south. The pattern depicts the Atlantic Ocean and its surrounding continents. Frank portrays Africa as a pair of huge sunflowers and the vast region of the Amazons as watermelons. The oceans swell up onto white sandy beaches. Dixieland was printed for the first time in connection with Svensk Tenn’s anniversary exhibition in 1974.

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The only one of the Great Lakes located entirely in the US, Lake Michigan's beaches are sometimes referred to as the Third Coast (after those of the Pacific and Atlantic). When standing on the waters edge in Illinois, Wisconsin, or anywhere on the lower peninsula of Michigan, it's impossible to see land across the lake and the view is similar to that of an ocean.

First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada - Grade 5: Social Studies - Learning Commons at Upper Canada Virtual Library