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Taken 21 Jul 13; Photographer: Shawna Greene, Visual Elements Photography

"ure not an emperor, burnie, get this out of ur wikipedia page. u arent even the boss, anymore" "yeah, fuck u burnie!" "shut up, guys! they dont know that online!" "why the fuck do u even have a wikipedia page?"

This reminds me of my Papa although he drove an old beat up Chevy more than he rode horses. But he spent many hours of his life checking on and taking care of Herefords. I miss feeding baby calves with bottles who didn't have a mother to feed them for some reason.


Bruce Greene The Ranger Code

Cowboys and Church Image Size 30"W X 20"H Signed and Numbered Comes with Certificate

My all time favorite Bruce Greene print....”Cowboy Cathedral”. This painting don't even need a title. As Gus McCrae would say: ”It says itself.”!