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Keep your skin happy with this amazing exfoliant scrub & hydrating mask. Your skin will fall in LOVE! ⭐️ Enter CA00173383 for a discount at the checkout: ⭐THE SCRUB⭐ Smooths & evens skin. Contains natural marine diatoms (fossilized algae). Releases dead cell build-up & pore-blocking impurities ⭐THE MASK⭐ Binds moisture to the skin to reduce dryness. Moisturizes & hydrates. Infuses soothing nutrients into the skin. Creates a natural, dewy glow. #Skincare #Skin #HealthySkin

Stunning Matacanthina Devonian trilobite from Morocco. With the advent of a reliable source of electricity Moroccan preparators have graduated from using a nail to fine micro-abrasive techniques long available to their US counterparts. Exquisitely-prepared trilobites like this one are the end result. Check out my website for other examples and more to come in the near future.

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The 15 Most Beautiful and Amazing Extinct Animals

2) **Fun Fact: It is believed that the myth of the unicorn may have originated from sightings of an injured scimitar oryx. From the right angle, it might appear that a scimitar oryx has only one horn. As they are hollow, a horn would not regrow if it were broken off. Hypothetically, a scimitar oryx could live the rest of its life with only one horn, possibly giving rise to the myth of the unicorn.

Woman In The Moon Pin/Pendant 1987 Fossil ivory, sterling silver Every piece of Denise Wallace's jewelry tells a story - or in some cases, a folk tale - about the rich cultures of the people of Alaska. The elaborate artworks Wallace creates with her husband Samuel call on the ancient images and stories of her own Chugach Aleut heritage and that of other indigenous people, as well as more contemporary figures and models from the natural world.

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